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Women for Andy

Its not just idle talk about how much Andy Supports Women both at work and home. Andy crafted the Bi-partisan Amendment to insure women realize pay equity in New Hampshire by updating the Republican led statue originally crafted in 1947. Andy was proud to vote to help create the first ever Domestic Violence protection act for our State.

Andy has been supported by women across the 9th District and the state, and over 50 of them have stepped up to create the “Women for Andy” coalition.  Chaired by Andy’s wife Laurie, the Women for Andy coalition will work to support Andy and his campaign to be the state Senator from District 9 so he can continue working for the hard-working families of the Granite State.

If you would like to join the coalition, please fill out this form.

Coalition members:

Jane Aitken, Bedford

Maureen Arakelian, New Boston

Kim Beekman, Bedford

Dana Boucher, Bedford

Elizabeth Breuder, Bedford

Kathy Brown, Bedford

Jane Cartmel, Hancock

Amanda Cebrowski, Bedford

Jenny Cheifetz, Bedford

Laura Condon, Bedford

Pamela Correia, Bedford

Sharon Dobbins, Bedford

Sharon Doughty, Bedford

Bonnie Drummond, Hancock

Valerie Earnshaw, Bedford

Norene Farr, Bedford

Janice Ford, Hancock

Cindy Ginn, Lyndeborough

Jeannie Gorski, Bedford

Linda Gould, Bedford

Toni Greene, New Boston

Teresa Harz, New Boston

Lisa Heaps, Bedford

Rita Klug, Hancock

Anne Lang, Bedford

Barbara Lawton, Greenfield

Ann Marie Banfield, Bedford

Shannon McGinley, Bedford

Susan Mead, Mont Vernon

Jo Ann Munro, Peterborough

Kelleigh Murphy, Bedford

Roxanne O’Brien, New Boston

Tiffany Peterson, Bedford

Augusta Petrone, Dublin

Lynn Prescott, Bedford

Doris Reed, Troy

Kristine Reid, Bedford

Lynda Rizos, Bedford

Janice Roberts, Dublin

Brenda Robinson, New Boston

Rachael Robinson, New Boston

Diane Roblee, Bedford

Luz Rohan, Bedford

Janett Saber, Bedford

Laurie Sanborn, Bedford (Chair)

Doreen Schneller, Bedford

Linda Shea, New Boston

JoAnn Sherman, New Boston

Joan Silvernail, New Boston

Sally Steere, Greenfield

Juli Tierney, Bedford

Jackie Trottier, New Boston

Barbara Turmelle, Bedford

Susan Underhill, Bedford

Tracy Uscinski, Bedford

Kathy Van Anglen, Bedford

Judy Veilleux, Bedford

Aurore Villeneuve, Bedford

Christina Wikman, Lyndeborough