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It’s your money, so you have a right to know where it’s going

One of the largest challenges we face in New Hampshire is a lack of transparency in knowing where the money is going. Two years ago, I wrote several articles highlighting how our State severely lacks transparency. We were operating with an old, outdated system which didn’t have the ability to report recipients of state funds, and the amounts they were receiving. Despite repeated requests from many different individuals and groups, the bureaucrats were unable to answer to the people.

This was and continues to be a top priority for the long-term viability of our state. As taxpayers, you have the right to full disclosure on who the state pays, how much they are paid, and what services were provided for that money. You also have the right to review every contract into which our state enters.

I am proud to report that after being appointed to a committee to oversee transparency projects, today you can actually go online and review where the state spends your money. We also passed legislation to insure every contract signed by the state is also posted on line, so you too can review how the state is operating. You can look at one of the data bases from our friends at Josiah Bartlett Center here –

While much has been accomplished, we still have a long way to go before we as taxpayers have access to complete transparency. We need to insure that all transactions by government and all of its agencies and those other entities which receive government funding are also subject to the same transparency requirements. We need to insure our politicians are held to high standards in their actions and disclosures. We need to insure New Hampshire is open, transparent and accountable to the taxpayer.

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