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Sponsor a Scooter

Door-to-door campaigning can be difficult in New Hampshire.  Many of the houses are spread out and have long, winding driveways, so walking from house to house is virtually impossible, and even using a car can be cumbersome and wastes a lot of gas.

But there is simply no replacement for face-to-face interactions and personal meetings, so here at the Sanborn campaign we are trying a new strategy: scooters!


We have already reached over 1,000 voters and the reception has been overwhelmingly good.  We are saving time, saving gas, and meeting lots of people in a short amount of time.

However, it’s not completely without cost.  If you like this idea and want to help keep it going, please help support it by donating to our “sponsor a scooter” program.

Click here to donate securely, and help keep our scooters scooting!  Your donation of…

… $25 will buy our bagged lunches for a day

… $50 will buy three bags of dog biscuits

… $100 will buy a week’s worth of fuel

… $250 will buy three boxes of literature

… $500 will buy our bagged lunches for a month

… $1000 will purchase one scooter

… $2000 will purchase two scooters

Thank you for your support!

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