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Sanborn Announces “Women for Andy” Coalition

BEDFORD, NH – State Senator Andy Sanborn, candidate for re-election in the 9th District, today announced the creation of the “Women for Andy” coalition – a group of female supporters from across the 9th District who have chosen to publicly support Andy as their next State Senator.

“I’m humbled by the overwhelming support I’m receiving from women all over the District, all of whom I have deep respect for,” Senator Sanborn said. “This coalition will be enormously helpful to this campaign as we get closer and closer to Election Day. It’s clear that the voters of District 9 – both men and women alike – want a State Senator who is focused on job creation, keeping taxes low, and allowing small business to grow,” he continued.

State Representative Laurie Sanborn, Senator Sanborn’s wife and the Chair of the Women for Andy Coalition, said “All of the members on this list are excited about Andy’s candidacy and helping him continuing his important work in the Senate. They understand that what New Hampshire needs right now is more business-owners in Concord who understand the private sector and can work to maintain a business-friendly environment in our great state,” she stated.

“Proven results, proven leadership and proven resolve to do what is right in the face of adversity are rare qualities today, and Andy Sanborn defines what we look for in a leader of this state,” added coalition member Kathy Van Anglen of Bedford.

Another member, Janice Ford of Hancock, said “Andy has served our family admirably in the State Senate for the past two years, and I truly hope he can continue. His common sense solutions give me hope for the future of our state and country.”

To view the list of members, or join the coalition, click here.

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