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Op Ed October 2008

In response to the Concord Monitor Editorial yesterday, concerning our upcoming budget challenges, I’d like to submit my thoughts as a Candidate running for New Hampshire Senate in District 7. Overall, I agree with the Monitor. We are headed towards a very difficult time in our state’s financial picture. Fixing this difficult issue is not just the Job of Governor Lynch, but also the responsibility of the Senate and the House of Representatives. As a group we have to come together and face some harsh realities about our current financial situation. The fact is, it’s a difficult time out there right now. It’s requiring everyone to re-assess how they live. It’s requiring everyone to tighten their belt and the State should be no exception.

The ability to continue increasing additional taxes and fees has reached its threshold. Today, our State spends over $5 Billion dollars a year on 1.2 million people. That’s a lot of money. We don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. We used to be one of the most frugal States in the Nation. Now we wallow in the 26th position. We now have one bureaucrat for every 5.3 people in the state. Again, a disappointing showing. I believe that we can reduce the size and scope of our State government and unlike my opponent, I do not support an Income or Sales Tax.

Now is not the time to be spending money we don’t have. Today, we don’t have the money to build a $5.5 million DOT lunchroom at the Hooksett toll both, we don’t have $45 million to build a new HHS building in Nashua, we don’t have $23 million to rehab a building in Manchester. We sure don’t have $90,000 to give to a State employee after she quit the job in just 5 months. Although I submit some of these are noble endeavors and some may actually be needed. This is just not the time to spend.

Everyone in this State I’ve met and talked to all agree that we need to support our neighbors to the best of our ability. It’s what has made our State so great. If you see your neighbor in need, you go over and help. It’s just that simple. But help isn’t necessarily about giving and giving and giving. Sometimes it’s about being responsible.

Our ability to help this State and our neighbors will require not only cutting spending dramatically at the state level, but addressing what we need to do to bring our economy back. Most agree that there is significant wasteful spending in our State government right now and we can cut that. At the same time, it makes no sense to jaunt around State Government buildings laying off thousands of employees if they in turn have no realistic opportunities in front of them. That is why solving our budget crisis will require a new focused approach to supporting our State’s small businesses.

It will be from the success of our small businesses that will re-vitalize this State. We must allow our small businesses and individuals the room to grow, provide real support, and relax some of these over burdensome restrictions. We can do this responsibly. When businesses thrive, they can hire more people, provide pay raises and contribute to the success of our State. There are many things we can do as legislators. As an example, we need to recognize and embrace that we are a tourist state. This requires the State’s full support of Fish & Game and the Department of Tourism to help draw people to our state, where they can enjoy all New Hampshire has to offer. The added benefits of higher occupancy in hotels, more restaurant success, convenience store revenues, tolls, gas, boat and snowmobile sales and many others will bring in more money then just taxing our current citizens. Our entire State will prosper if we encourage people to visit and mean it.

Our success will be based upon getting our government out of our houses, out of our businesses and out of our pockets.

If you believe in this philosophy, I’d like to have your Vote November 4th

Andy Sanborn

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