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This is our State’s most pressing issue, so let’s make sure everyone has one!

Jobs, jobs, jobs. Every single one of us knows someone out of work, someone who is fighting to feed their family and pay their mortgage. Unfortunately, our government is doing nothing to get people back to work. Today, our government is focused on raising taxes and fees, eroding economic confidence, and holding back any chance of an economic turnaround. This will not create jobs.

It doesn’t have to be this way. With the right leadership, we can put the 53,000 unemployed back to work. We can help our neighbors and their families get back up on their feet and make our state great again.

It’s about making New Hampshire the most attractive state in the nation to small business owners, who through their efforts will provide employment opportunities.  It’s about using reasonable, common sense solutions to getting the government out of the way so our small businesses can prosper, expand, and hire.

As a State Senator, I fought every day to create a better opportunity for jobs and economic expansion. From helping to push back on over 80 individual excessive regulations, to extending the R&D tax credit so companies can better invest in new technology, to serving on the board of the Business Finance Authority.

What I am most proud of is authoring the blueprint for reforming how business interacts with Government with my 2011 Business to Government Modernization Act (SB92) which will not only make New Hampshire the best and easiest place to interact, but will save tax payers near $300 Million dollars in the next budget.

With your vote, I will continue pushing for common sense solutions to the economic problems we face.  Together, we can fix this.

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