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Like a dog after a bone

Like a dog after a bone, John Lynch’s personal pick to run the Department of Revenue Administration (our State’s version of the IRS) has initiated a new round of job killing, economic destroying attacks on our small business community. Unfortunately, it’s not a bone the Governor and his henchmen are chewing on, it’s the pay raises for our hardworking employees, the healthcare, the opportunity of hiring additional employees, the fruit of our hard earned labor.

During the past 4 years The Governor and his band of elitist tax and spend politicians running the State have and continue to attack every facet of our lives. The 80 new Taxes and Fees, the LLC Income Tax, the JUA theft, Freddie Mac style refinancing our children’s future, the gimmicky accounting tricks… it just doesn’t seem to stop.

Well, it actually hasn’t stopped. Just when you think the State has chewed our financial future to the bone, they have now found new industries to attack.

Last week, the DRA announced that our state’s small Credit Unions are “break’in the Law” and although it has never been the case, they must now pay a new Interest and Dividends Tax on distributions to its members. Actually, no-one is breaking the law; it is just our current State Government re-interpreting the law to its sole benefit. Just another case of the New Hampshire Government trying to take money that it is not theirs for its own wasteful purposes.

In addition to the Credit Unions, the State is also attacking small retail cigarette and cigar shops. For those who choose to buy their tobacco in a pouch and roll their own, 2 small operators have made personal cigarette rolling machines available to their clients, for a fee. The State is attempting to re-classify these retail stores as “Manufacturers” and initiate a host of new taxes, fees and regulations, to again find new ways to tax our community.

How many times does the Governor’s leash need to be jerked back? The State Supreme Court repeatedly has said the JUA money is not the governments; the small business communities said NO to in Income tax on their personal income, the Credit Unions are already mounting a legal defense.

Unfortunately it would appear that the only way to stop the continual destruction of our business community is to find legislators, who understand what creates jobs and what doesn’t. It’s the expansion of the economic base that actually allows for the hiring of new employees, it’s the stability of government regulation that provides the confidence to invest or expand. It’s the trust in our Government that provides the room to take risk. Today, in New Hampshire, the business community has no stability, trust or confidence in our Government.

When all we want to do is help our communities, by hiring those friends and neighbors find employment, by

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