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It’s why we live here

We, as New Hampshire residents, believe in good stewardship of our environment. We live in the best, most beautiful place on Earth. We enjoy so much of what is great in the outdoors — from the best hiking, hunting, and fishing, to the best skiing and snowmobile trails in New England. It’s why we live here. We embrace shared, mutual enjoyment of our State and the responsibility of protecting it for our kids and future generations.

Our economy in NH is driven by tourism and encouraging people to come to our state and enjoy all we have to offer. It’s the largest economic engine our State and we need to protect all aspects of it. Unfortunately last year we faced a challenge to our economy, and property owner liability protection which could have dramatically hurt landowners who have always allowed for people to enjoy access across their lands.

Part of what makes our state so attractive for those who hike, hunt, walk and just enjoy our state is the traditional protections acknowledged and provided by law. A potential errant lawsuit threatened to force property owners to assume the liability of those crossing our lands and that was forcing landowners to close access across their land. As a Senator, I worked with the legislature to craft a Bill to insure property owners have a firm level of protection if someone enters their property for tourism. HB1551, which I co-sponsored with Representative Gene Chandler will insure property owners will retain the assurance that if they agree to keep their land open to public enjoyment then they will be protected from unscrupulous trial attorneys.

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