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Endorsements and Supporters

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“My husband Andy is truly an inspiration to me. He works incredibly hard to fully understand the issues facing New Hampshire, and fight for what’s right. He never gets mired in negativity, and has an uncanny ability to come up with solutions, focus on the positive, and envision the future.

Andy is someone you can always rely on. Andy says what he thinks, answers questions directly, and does what he says he’s going to. He has been my best friend, husband and soul mate for over 20 years. He will serve the people of New Hampshire better than anyone.”

-Laurie Sanborn

“I first met Andy when he and my husband Joe fought to repeal the LLC income tax on small businesses.  As a State Senator, Andy continues to stand up for New Hampshire taxpayers, protect small businesses, and reduce burdensome government regulations.  Andy brings a fresh perspective to the State Senate, one that is focused on finding common-sense solutions to address the issues impacting our State.”

– U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte

“Andy’s passion for helping his fellow Granite Staters, combined with his business background and understanding of the private sector, make him an effective legislator and public servant. Andy and his wife Laurie are involved for the right reasons, and they have proven they are willing to work hard to do what’s right for their constituents. They bring big, bold ideas on how we need to reform government and make it accountable to you, the taxpayer.”

– Congressman Frank Guinta

“As a State Senator, Andy Sanborn has continued to fight for local control and to stop downshifting of costs onto local communities.  From his Bill forcing the State to fulfill its financial obligations previously withheld, to passing legislation which will protect our seniors in assisted living facilities, Andy has always represented the interests of his constituents effectively, and has been a tireless advocate on their behalf.”

– Congressman Charlie Bass

“As Governor, my top priorities will be to fight everyday to create an environment for new and good jobs and to get our economy growing again.  To help make that happen, we need businessmen like Andy Sanborn in the State Senate.  Andy’s experience, leadership, ideas to reform government, and knowledge of the business community will be key to formulating pro-job policies in the State Senate.”

– Ovide Lamontagne, Candidate for Governor

“In the newly drawn District 9, Andy Sanborn […] brings extensive business experience that has proven valuable in the last session.  The former Senator from District 7, Sanborn has a record of supporting policies to spur economic growth, keep taxes and regulations limited, make New Hampshire more economically competitive, and keep state bureaucracies from exerting too much control. Sanborn can be counted on to support pro-growth policies, which are even more important in bad times.  He should get the nod in November.”

– New Hampshire Union Leader

“Andy’s depth of knowledge of how the budget works and his common sense solutions will be invaluable to turning the State around in this difficult economic time.”

-Sen. Peter Bragdon (R-Milford), Senate President

“As a successful small business owner, Andy brings real world experience and leadership to Concord. His effort to organize the grassroots effort to repeal the job-killing LLC Tax proves how hard Andy will work as a Senator to help small businesses and get New Hampshire citizens back to work.”

-Sen. Jeb Bradley (R-Wolfeboro)

“I know Andy Sanborn. Having worked side by side with him during the past two years, he has shown himself to be honest, solutions driven and he has the values we as conservatives expect. Andy has taken the high road, kept focused on how we fix things and offered real world solutions to making NH great. I applaud Senator Sanborn for his leadership actions.

As a business owner myself, I know how important it is to have business owners representing us in Concord. It’s time for less establishment lifetime politicians and more bright, sharp leaders like Senator Andy Sanborn.

I enthusiastically ask you to vote for Senator Andy Sanborn in November.”

– Sen. Ray White (R-Bedford)

“Andy is a tax fighter and understands that to improve our economy we need to give small business the tools for success, not more taxes. Andy also understands that more money in people pockets allows them to decide for themselves on how to spend, not the state taking it away with additional taxes.”

-Sen. Bob Letourneau

“I can think of no better representative of traditional common sense New Hampshire values than my friend Andy Sanborn. He has been a tireless advocate for small businesses by leading the grass-roots efforts against the LLC tax. He is a strong supporter of NH working families, believing that your family knows how to spend your money better than Concord. During these challenging economic times, it’s vital that we get Andy elected since he knows what it takes to create jobs, and won’t rest until NH is back on track.”

-Sen. Jim Forsythe (R-Strafford)

“As most know, I was born and raised in Bedford and my family has been in this town for generations. I am grateful for your support in voting me into the legislature and your continued support for re-election. Safe to say, as a legislator and having been in Bedford for so long, I understand what issues are facing Bedford and what the residents want and need in representation.

I also know Andy and Laurie Sanborn, having served with them in Concord during these past two years, and they too are the right kind of people to represent Bedford.  Both Andy and Laurie have lived in New Hampshire their entire lives and as small business owners bring real experience to the job.

Most know me as a man of few words, so I’ll only use four. Vote Sanborn November 6th.”

– Rep. Moe Villeneuve (R-Bedford)

“Last year, I sponsored a bill, House Bill 351, that sought to enable insurance coverage for naturopathic doctors, NDs, whose protocols and practices are prevention oriented, cost effective, and help fill a primary care provider shortage in New Hampshire. Even though the bill garnered bipartisan support, it was a tough slog getting it though the House, which my team of co-sponsors and I did.

“That is when Andy stepped up to the plate in the Senate. I witnessed his leadership, creativity, inside-the-Senate lobbying, stick-to-itiveness…and engineering of an amendment to get the bill passed in the Senate. My endorsement of Andy has its basis in the integrity and behaviors he exhibited during the course of that contentious process. We worked as a team, and I am a big fan of teamwork. I also know he has exhibited those behaviors in numerous other situations with other legislators. The man is a committed fighter for New Hampshire needs, which is what Senate District 9 demands.

“You can feel confident that you will have a Senator working hard for you.”

-Rep. John Cebrowski (R-Bedford)

“Andy understands what regular working families are going through and is fighting hard to protect the New Hampshire way of life. He will work to limit government, support small business and lower taxes. I look forward to serving our community with Andy in Concord.”

-Rep. Jenn Coffey (R-Andover)

“We strongly endorse Andy Sanborn for the New Hampshire State Senate.  With his outstanding combination of business experience, political savvy and zeal, we can not imagine a better choice”

Reps. Carol McGuire and Daniel McGuire (R-Epsom)

“Andy has the right combination of business acumen, financial knowledge, and political skill to be an effective leader in the NH Senate. His pro-business, limited government approach is precisely what New Hampshire needs to get the economy moving in the right direction.”

-Rep. Mark Warden (R-Goffstown)

“While Andy may be new to the area, he is not new to New Hampshire. He is one of the hardest working Senators we have, and is exceptional at constituent service and common sense solutions. The people of Bedford want someone they can call, someone who shares their values, and I know Andy does and will always listen and respond.”

-Henry Veilleux, Sheehan Phinney Capitol Group, Bedford

“Andy Sanborn brought together 3500 small business owners and led the effort to repeal the job-killing LLC income tax. He showed true leadership, conviction and the ability to get the job done.”

-Tom Boucher, CEO-Owner Great NH Restaurants (T-Bones, Cactus Jack’s, Copper Door), Bedford

“As a New Hampshire native and life-long resident, with 40 of those years in Bedford, and as a second-generation business owner, I can tell you that Senator Sanborn’s experience as a small business owner and knowledge of the private sector and the challenges we face interacting with government are exactly what we need more of in Concord.”

-Louis Arcidy, RCD Components Inc, Bedford

“Andy’s the non-typical politician who is pushing back on taxes and fees and red tape on us more than anyone else. He stands tall and firm to defend us from establishment politicians who just want to protect their own.”

-Greg Fillmore, Fillmore Industries, Inc, Loudon

“Senator Sanborn has fought for our industry and for small businesses more than any elected official I’ve ever met.”

-Sam Bouchie, Woodmore Family Campground, Rindge

“Senator Sanborn was pivotal in redrafting NH laws to ensure protection of our loved ones in assisted living facilities. His legislation brought true stability for our industry, and I can’t thank him enough for the work he did.”

-Len Trudell, Fortis Healthcare LLC, Warner, Lee, Newmarket

“When the State of New Hampshire delayed returning a refund owed to us for months, Senator Sanborn stepped in to help bring about a resolution.  He works harder than anyone to help us small business owners.”

-Larry Litchfield, Owner of Sawyers Dairy Bar and Restaurant, Gilford

“As a Selectman in Deering and Chairman of the Contoocook Valley Republican committee I strongly endorse Andy Sanborn in his quest to be the State Senator for District 9. He is a fiscal conservative who understands that we must reduce spending, support the Constitution of the United States as well as the Constitution of New Hampshire, and avoid increasing the size of Government.”

-JP Marzullo, Selectman in Deering

“Andy Sanborn will be a great State Senator. A businessman and a leader in the fight to defeat the LLC Tax, Andy knows that regulation, taxation, and litigation are choking off our ability to revive the NH economy. Let’s do our economy a big favor and send Andy Sanborn back to the NH Senate as fast as we can!”

-Ken Merrifield, Mayor of Franklin

“Andy Sanborn is what this State needs with the current budget crisis underway in New Hampshire. Andy was a leader in the fight against the hideous LLC tax that was recently proposed. As a small business owner, Andy will help in the fight against higher taxes. Andy will be great in the NH Senate.”

-Chris Lawless, Hopkinton Selectman

“I have known Andy Sanborn for more than 30 years. Since college in Henniker, to his local small business in Concord today, Andy has always been a leader. If NH had just a handful more members like Andy Sanborn in the State Senate we would not be facing the largest budget crisis the taxpayers have ever faced! I strongly support Andy in his effort to bring some common sense back to Concord.”

-Dave Carney, Hancock

“I support Andy Sanborn because he believes in personal responsibility; Andy is a strong supporter of individual rights!”

-Scott Hilliard

“I encourage anyone to vote for Andy Sanborn. At a recent meeting to inform the Hillsborough area about what their small businesses were facing with the legislation in Concord regarding the LLC tax, Andy spoke for over an hour, leading the audience through what was happening point by point. No one was bored. Instead, what people received was a very informative and educational speech about what was happening. He was articulate and able to educate without throwing firebombs about what others were doing. This is a mark of a leader who will pull New Hampshire residents together instead of tearing them apart like so many politicians are bent on doing. Andy and his wife Laurie, have built their businesses from the ground up and now provide jobs to others, something that we need desperately today and few politicians have done. Vote for Andy and you can sleep more soundly knowing you have put a principled leader into the Senate of the New Hampshire State House.”

-Virginia Leiby, Deering

“Andy is simply the best choice for New Hampshire. He is everything we need: a strong business man, a background in Finance and a New Hampshire native. How have we gone so long without him in office?”

-Alan Urquhart, Hillsborough

‘We need, now more than ever in NH, a candidate for the 9th district who understands first hand the burden all the new taxes and regulation have put on our best job creating resource – small businesses.  Please vote for Andy!”

-Ed Naile, President CNHT

“I am voting Andy Sanborn to be our next Senator representing State Senate District 9.  As recent events demonstrate, these are dire times, which require boldness and leadership.  Our system of government is breaking down and we need a leader to come in and shake things up and end business as usual.

Who better to shake things up than Andy Sanborn, as small businessman.  I believe that Andy can be a uniter since he can bring together both Republicans and democrats who want responsible government.

Andy takes the time to not only listen to an issue – he does his own research, and planning, he makes my issue his issue and works to make change.

I would ask you now to vote Andy 4 Senate!”

-Kenneth Kreis, Sr., President Capitol Copy, Canterbury

“Andy Sanborn’s proven leadership on the issues that face us as citizens today and in the future.  The current Senator in the seat is aggressively promo0ting Tax and Regulate.  As a Business owner and job creator, I recognize this as weak and an unsustainable approach to leadership.  Historically not what New Hampshire stands for and not where we would like to hedge our future success.

Andy will stand up to the over regulatory over reaching cumbersome shackles of the current NH Senate leadership.  As citizens we have a clear choice with two very opposing views.  I am refreshed and excited to see the voice of working families and small businesses sounding off to Big government on the issues that affect creating prosperity and jobs in this State.  Vote Sanborn!”

-Tom Sheehan, President, Damon Insulation Company

“New Hampshire absolutely needs and deserves a Senator like Andy Sanborn.  By developing a through knowledge of the NH State Budget, Mr. Sanborn was able to effectively lead the effort to repeal the State’s job killing LLC tax.  Those efforts confirmed Mr. Sanborn as smart, hardworking businessman who is now ready to set-up and help New Hampshire find effective solutions to the enormous budget problems facing our State.  Without reservation I support Andy Sanborn for Senate District 9 and would encourage Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike to join Sanborn for Senate campaign by making a contribution of time and money”

-Tom Keene, Bow NH

“I met Andy because of his rather “different” fundraiser during his last campaign – driving very fast cars around the track in Loudon.  Since then, I have gotten to know Andy, his political philosophy, and his mode of approaching problems: careful, studied, and then as full bore as the go-fast cars.  He not only believes in a limited government, regulated spending, and a governmental regime that is not adversarial toward business, he lives it and fights for it.  Believing that the individual Liberties and Freedoms always should trump the stifling maw of the State, I can easily endorse Andy as THE DUDE!  He does believe that the Bigger the Government, the smaller the citizen – a perfect summary of our Founding Fathers’ vision.”

-Skip Murphy, Granite Grok