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We Can Cut The Cost Of Health Care In New Hampshire

We Can Cut The Cost Of Health Care In New Hampshire

Ask any small business owner and most individuals what their number one concern is; and beyond question its access to affordable health insurance. Above taxes, regulation and future employment, it’s become our greatest worry. While this issue has been a foundational rallying cry for some years, why then has the New Hampshire legislature been reluctant […]

With This difficult Budget, We Must Separate the Price From the Policy

During this last election the vast majority of voters in New Hampshire were very direct. Our Government was spending too much, it was taxing too much and it was over-regulating us. The message was clear…. Fix it. Unfortunately the operational constraints within the methodology utilized for the past 30 years in the House may have […]

Be Bold

Be Bold

Governor Walter Peterson re-structured our business taxes in 1973 and created the Business Profits Tax. Governor Steve Merrill and then Senate President Ed DuPont a successfully created appropriate vehicles in the early 90’s to assist in helping businesses grow and prosper. Recently Senator Lou De’Allsandro rewrote New Hampshire’s trust laws, establishing our State as the […]

Its about Free Choice

Its about Free Choice

There’s an old lawyer joke that goes, “If you have the facts on your side, pound the facts; if you have the law on your side, pound the law; if you have neither, pound the table!” Pounding the table appears to be the only attractive option left for former Labor Commissioner Jim Casey, who vainly […]

We Can Do Better

We are all aware of the economic challenges facing our Communities, our State and our Nation. Today, your Federal elected officials are throwing money at this problem, in hopes that these financial “gifts” will provide a sufficient band-aid to take our eye off the real problems and solutions. These actions will not solve our local […]

Like a dog after a bone

Like a dog after a bone, John Lynch’s personal pick to run the Department of Revenue Administration (our State’s version of the IRS) has initiated a new round of job killing, economic destroying attacks on our small business community. Unfortunately, it’s not a bone the Governor and his henchmen are chewing on, it’s the pay […]

Budget Response

In response to your editorial last week, I submit: Governor Lynch, the “cuts” you have made in the out of control State spending budget in New Hampshire are akin to slicing one strand of hair from Rapunzel’s coiffure and calling it a crew cut. It’s Unfortunate, that during one of the worst economic times in […]

Layoffs are the wrong solution to our problems

At this point, few can dispute the mess the State budget and the economy are in. State spending has continued to rocket up, while State revenues continue to slide, projected to fall to 2004 levels. As a result, the gap between income and spending is beginning to look like the Grand Canyon, and Governor Lynch, […]

Reasonable Compensation

This is it. New Hampshire is finally telling the country that we are closed for business. At least small businesses. The excuse of closing the loophole on taxation or equalizing the playing field has just become a farce. There is a smoking gun facing small business owners and it is in the hand of our […]

Small Business Incentives Will Create Jobs

We are all aware of the economic challenges facing our Communities, our State and our Nation. Today, our State Legislators are focusing on increasing most taxes and fees in an effort to sustain, or in fact increase our current level of government spending. Increasing our State Budget by over $1 Billion dollars, which is being […]

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