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It’s why we live here We, as New Hampshire residents, believe in good stewardship of our environment. We live in the best, most beautiful place on Earth. We enjoy so much of what is great in the outdoors — from the best hiking, hunting, and fishing, to the best skiing and snowmobile trails in New […]


Education starts at home, with involved parents and the local community As a product of the New Hampshire educational system and having two family members who worked within it, I am committed to helping provide the best opportunities to the students of New Hampshire. It starts with parents having a voice, choices, and controls over […]


Time for common sense reform We all agree our present healthcare system is not working. We all want to see reform, just not the reform embraced by our federal government.  Fifteen years ago, our state had 20 different healthcare providers competing for our business. Today, as a result of poor leadership at the Executive level, […]


It’s your money, so you have a right to know where it’s going One of the largest challenges we face in New Hampshire is a lack of transparency in knowing where the money is going. Two years ago, I wrote several articles highlighting how our State severely lacks transparency. We were operating with an old, […]

The Deficit

Where is the money going? Ten years ago, our state population was 1.3 million people, and out state budget was $6.3 Billion. In 2010, our population was still 1.3 million people, and our state budget had exploded to $11.7 Billion. Additionally, we were projected to have an $800 Million budget deficit for the next cycle. […]


This is our State’s most pressing issue, so let’s make sure everyone has one! Jobs, jobs, jobs. Every single one of us knows someone out of work, someone who is fighting to feed their family and pay their mortgage. Unfortunately, our government is doing nothing to get people back to work. Today, our government is […]