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Governor Walter Peterson re-structured our business taxes in 1973 and created the Business Profits Tax. Governor Steve Merrill and then Senate President Ed DuPont a successfully created appropriate vehicles in the early 90’s to assist in helping businesses grow and prosper. Recently Senator Lou De’Allsandro rewrote New Hampshire’s trust laws, establishing our State as the premier place in America to secure protections of personal assets.

Big, bold, revolutionary changes to how government interacts don’t happen every day. Timing, outside economic influences, makeup of the governing body and public desire must all come together at the same time for us to effectively change how we do business.

Today we have that same opportunity to rebuild the relationship between Government and Business, and re-establish New Hampshire as the best place in America live, work and play.

It is time for New Hampshire to modernize, and reestablish a Business to Government relationship that takes advantage of departmental, vertically integrated online digital processes utilizing today’s technology and interactive online integration.

From the decision to create a new company whether you live in state or in Sutton NH or Sutton Alaska, to monitor, educate, report and even with the enforcement processes, the Business Community needs an online facility to easily access forms, requests, reporting and to review the interchange of information. Not to mention, how much more efficient it would be in helping our state employees to perform their jobs with 2011 technology.

Delaware, Virginia, Carolinas, Texas, Utah. Today, these are the names of places in America where the business community looks to when seeking opportunities to create, grow and prosper. As much as we would like to believe New Hampshire is a leader in attractiveness to operate a business, it no longer appears near the top of the charts

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