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On the Issues

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Today, our government is focused on raising taxes and fees, eroding economic confidence, and holding back any chance of an economic turnaround. This will not create jobs. I understand that helping to get government out of the way so we can create jobs is the most important issue today. (Click here to read more)

Today, our government spends too much, taxes too much, and over-regulates to the point where it is inhibiting economic expansion. As your Senator, I will bring a Common Sense approach to making our government run more efficiently and work to expand our economic base. (Click here to read more)

One of the largest challenges we face in New Hampshire is a lack of transparency in knowing where the money is going. As taxpayers, you have the right to full disclosure on who the State pays and how much as well as the right to review every contract into which our State enters. (Click here to read more)

We all agree our present healthcare system is not working, and implementation of Obama Care has resulted in people losing their doctor and access to their hospital. That just is not right. We all want to see reform, just not the reform embraced by our federal government. We need to create reform that allows for buying across state lines and allows companies and communities to create their own buying groups. We need to increase access, decreases costs and make sure our safety net is a trampoline and not a hammock. (Click here to read more)

I am committed to helping provide the best opportunities to the students of New Hampshire. I believe in equal opportunity in education where the money follows the kid and not the kid forced to follow the money. It starts with parents having a voice, choices, and controls over their children’s education, supported by local control. We accomplished much in the past 2 years, from freezing tuition cost for 4 years at UNH to helping to enact legislation to insure your child is safe at school during times of turmoil. (Click here to read more)


We embrace shared, mutual enjoyment of our State and the responsibility of protecting it for our kids and future generations. Our protection of the environment should not come from new or increased taxes but from common sense approaches to shared, responsible use. (Click here to read more)


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